Current Date:July 20, 2024

Burger Bounty


Burger Bounty is IDLE GAME in the world of an exciting simulation game where you become the owner and, at first, the only member of the team. Step by step, develop your restaurant, add more tables, a variety of products and new employees to turn it into a thriving and profitable institution. However, do not forget to keep an eye on customers – if they are forced to wait too long, they may leave and you will be left without payment.

Upgrade your character to grow with the business, setting him up so that he truly feels at home. Open and upgrade various stations, hire waiters and expand your restaurant. Just stand over the stations you want to unlock or upgrade and customize your burger to your liking.

Burger Bounty will delight you with an innovative feature – a hoverboard for delivery. Move around the restaurant on this floating transport, deliver orders, clean tables and ensure smooth operation of all processes. Your hoverboard can be upgraded to increase speed and maneuverability so that your restaurant always works at the highest level.

The game also has the concept of “star clients”. These gourmets love the delicious food that you serve in your restaurant. However, be careful, they are very demanding and impatient! Satisfy these VIPs to earn more money and unlock new opportunities.

Burger Bounty combines the fun of time management with elements of strategic business simulation, creating a unique gaming experience. Whether you are a gourmet by heart or an aspiring entrepreneur, everyone will find something special for themselves in this game!

How To Play

Controlled on a computer using the keyboard, and on a phone or tablet using taps.