Current Date:April 17, 2024

Drive Mad


Drive Mad is a car game where you drive on a track filled with obstacles. Your aim is to reach the finish line in one piece. You have to balance your speed so your car doesn’t flip over. This is harder than it sounds, as there are many thrilling and creative stunts and obstacles for you to enjoy.

How To Play

Steer forward – W, D, X, Up arrow, Right arrow, Mouse click

Steer backward – S, A, Z, Down arrow, Left arrow

The first few levels of the game will be training ones. In them, the player will find short tracks and arrows indicating the direction in which the vehicle at the start should move in order to reach the finish line.

It is worth preparing for the fact that the trails will be short, but not easy due to the presence of steep ascents and deep depressions on them. In order for the car to be able to enter the ascent, it must gain sufficient acceleration, otherwise it will simply roll down the slope. The player will be able to help the vehicle by pressing the “right” arrow in advance and continuing to hold it.

It is important to choose the optimal speed, because if the car goes too fast, it will turn over, which will lead to a loss without the possibility of moving to the next level. Sometimes you will need to move backwards to the finish line. In this case, the player needs to press the “left” arrow.