Current Date:April 17, 2024

Google Doodle Scoville

Google Doodle Scoville


Google Doodle Scoville

Google Doodle Scoville Game

Doodle Scoville is a Doodle Game developed by in 2016 by Google. The game commemorates Wilbur Scoville, who invented a scale to establish pepper pungency. In the game, you’ll help the professor conduct his tests by fighting as an ice cream maker with dangerous peppers.

Doodle Scoville provides a spiciness challenge with several levels of spiciness. After eating several sorts of hot foods, you can cool off with ice cream. Doodle Scoville is a useful game for discovering the names and spiciness levels of various chilli peppers.

How To Play

The game can be played using a mouse or a touch screen.