Current Date:April 17, 2024

Google Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker


Google Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker Game

Google Santa Tracker is a Google-created Christmas-themed entertainment game. Released in December 2021, it’s one of those Google Doodle games that, Follow Santa Claus’ footsteps as he travels throughout the world and explores a variety of sites. On the map, Santa alternates between traveling and giving gifts in cities. Observe the counter, display real facts, and inform the player of the distance Santa has traveled and the time it will take to reach the city on the map. Finally, the anticipated total number of gifts delivered and the distance from the player’s city.

With simple physics, fantastic graphics, and entertaining sound effects. While having fun with the elves of Santa Claus at the North Pole, he becomes preoccupied with his task. The game’s fascinating feature is that instead of a tracker, a timer counts down Santa’s take-off time until the proper moment arrives. You keep track of Santa’s every move, including where he is and how many gifts he can deliver. Let’s get started!


The game uses the mouse to play, tasks are mostly simple but addictive. For example, you can trim your grandfather’s beard and decorate it, help an elf on a jetpack collect gifts and Christmas tree toys and more. With multiple levels or stages, the game’s difficulty escalates, offering a fun and challenging experience as players progress. There are also a couple of themed fairy tales and cartoons.