Current Date:July 20, 2024 2


Pepep Io 2 is a multiplayer Io game, In the game which you will need to help the small square to capture as much territory as possible. Game starts with you choosing the game mode and the nickname. After that, you move to a large space, where you will be accompanied by other players from all over the world. You will need to do everything in order to paint in the color of your hero most of the territory. Other players will interfere with you, because they have the same goal as you. Someone acts aggressively, and there are more calm, measured players who are trying to gradually increase the size of the territory. It is important that when you are outside your territory, the enemy does not run to you and invade you, because then you will have to start again, because you will lose.

How To Play

Controlled on a computer using the keyboard, and on a phone or tablet using taps.