Current Date:April 17, 2024

Wordle Game

wordle Game


wordle Game

Wordle Game

Wordle is a free erudition and guessing game. A random word is selected from a huge dictionary library. It should be guessed by users all over the world. Six attempts are given to guess. Color pointers are used as hints. Depending on whether the player guessed the letter or missed it, the cell lights up in a certain color.

The Wordle game consists of a field of six rows divided into five cells. The puzzle begins with a guessing game. The user enters a random five-letter word. There is no support or hint at the first step, only intuition.

The cells in the first row are highlighted in different colors. The color—green, gray, or yellow—depends on whether the player’s guess matches the keyword. If the letter is guessed and is in the right place, the cell lights up green. If the letter is correct but requires rearrangement, the cell color is yellow. Gray means a miss; there is no such letter in the intended word.

Wordle has become famous due to its minimalism and free design. In fact, the game is a good tool for intellectual warm-up. A game match will not require a lot of time and resources. And at the same time, the application is not overloaded with so-called information noise.

How To Play

The game can be played using a mouse or a touch screen.

In total, the player is given six attempts, during which he must guess a word from the Wordle library. And this is the main charm: the game provides one round per day. After six attempts, it remains to wait for the next evening and a new task.